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3M invented window films 50 years ago, and has spent been innovating and improving them through its research facilities. 3M films are made from clear polyester, coated with anti-heat and anti-UV layers to help reduce heat and blocks the amount of harmful UV rays that cause fading, helping to extend the life of furnishings.

3M Automotive Films

3M Ceramic Cover

3M Ceramic Ultra Clear Film
Authentic Ceramic Film with Nano Technology: See through the film clearly, no matter how dark the film is.

Clear Vision: With the tiny ceramic molecules and the Nano Technology, this series of film gives you a crystal clear vision from inside, regardless of the darkness of the film.

Clear Signal: It’s a non-metallic film so it will nott interfere with electronic signals, i.e. Wifi, Bluetooth, RFID, Radio or mobile phone. * Note: it might affect devices that use 900-1100 nanometer.

Cut IR: Reduces infrared heat for up to 95%, helping to reduce cabin temperature and increasing passenger comfort.

Cut UV: Helps block harmful UV rays up to 99%. This will protect your skin from skin cancer and other skin problems. It will also protect your car’s interior from fading, color changing, etc.

Comfort for Eyes: Up to 93% glare reduction, with the added blue-gray tone of the film, this 3M film series control excessive light, so you can enjoy the light with more comfort and less eye strains.

3M Ceramic Series Specs

NEW! ฟิล์ม 3M Ceramic Absolute
Authentic Ceramic Film with Nano Technology. Difficult to look through the film from outside but you get a very clear view from inside. Low light reflection from inside out!

3M Building Films

Prestige Series
Clear film with Nano Technology which helps reduce the glare. There is no metal particles mixed in, so there will not be any rust building up in the film layers. Does not interfere with radio/wifi signal. It lets the light in for up to 70%, giving you both comfort and brightness within the house.

Night Vision Series
Clear films with natural tones, with great heat rejection and low glare. You can see clearly with these films, even at night time.

Ceramic IR Series
Blue/gray toned film with heat reduction ceramic particle, coated with infrared shield, protecting you from heat from outside.

FX Series
Quality tinting films with great heat rejection and many tones to choose, from really dark to crystal clear!

Reflective Series
A group of reflective tinting film with high heat reduction. Perfect for buildings that have lots of light throughout the day.

**Please check with us for availability. Some models might not be in stock.**