Film for Sale

E.M.E. Chonburi offers window tinting providers or any customers wishing to install the tinting films themselves a chance to purchase great quality films at a very great price! And you have a wide range of types and color options and tones: standard black, metalized, Nano, Safety or even the frosted stickers. Our tinting films can be used on any building, house, condominium and automobile glasses.

Sizes and other information of our tinting film and frosted stickers

  • Tinting Film – 1 roll is 1.52 meters wide x 30 meters long (60 inches x 1,200 inches); 500 square feet total.
  • Frosted Stickers – 2 types
    1. High translucent –  1.52 meters (60 inches) wide x 50 meters long
    2. Low translucent – 1.22 meters (48 inches) wide x 50 meters long

For tinting film, we will charge you per square foot, with the fixed width at 60 inches, and can be as long as you need. For frosted stickers, we’ll charge you per length in meters, with the fixed width of 60 or 48 inches depending upon the type of stickers as listed above.

We can calculate the total amount of tinting films for you, just let us know the sizes of each window you want to do the tinting.

  • Standard Black Tinting Film
    • Whole roll = 3,500 Baht/roll (only 7 Baht/Sq. ft.)
    • Custom size = 10 Baht/Sq. ft. (with a fixed with at 60 inches)
  • Metalized Tinting Film
    • Whole roll = 6,000 Baht/roll (only 12 Baht/Sq. ft.)
    • Custom size = 20 Baht/Sq. ft. (with a fixed with at 60 inches)
  • Frosted Stickers
    • Custom size = 250 Baht/meter with the fixed width of 60 in. or 48 in. (as listed above)

Please contact us for pricing on brand name films.

We ship country-wide!

  • Whole roll = 450 Baht/roll (will be shipped “oversize” only, due to the length of the box)
  • Custom size = starting at 100 Bath, via EMS

For more information, please call  038-275-050, 081-572-6797, 089-001-6333
LINE ID: e.m.e.chonburi