Hi-Kool Film Samples

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Hi-Kool window tinting films are made by the best converter in America with the innovative “Sputter Metallized Coating” method, producing durable film with high heat reflection.

R Series
For over 30 years, Hi-Kool R Series films have been known for their heat protection, for up to 84%, and over 99% UV protection. R Series offer 3 hues to fit anyone’s needs.

  • Silver Grey
  • Magic Green
  • Light Blue

Ceramic Black Night Series — Premium Ceramic films with Super Clear Plus Technology.
Black ceramic films mixed with titanium which will strengthen the film quality. Also features high UV protection and will not disrupt GPS and other digital signals. Suitable for both day time and night time driving!

Hi-Kool Ceramic Black Night features

  • Night Vision: giving you great driving vision in both day time and night time
  • Will not disrupt GPS, Easy Pass or all other digital signals
  • Up to 99% UV protection
  • Helps reduce bright light during the day
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty

Black Carbon Series — Black/carbon tinting film with Real Nano Carbon!
Latest innovation from the industry leader, Hi-Kool Black Carbon Series offer solid carbon black films with no metal particles. Solid black from outside with high visibility from inside. Plus, a great UVA and UVB protection for up to 99.99% and also reflect the infrared for up to 80%.

Hi-Kool Black Carbon features

    • Heat protection for up to 75%
    • Infrared protection for up to 80%
    • Will not disrupt GPS, Easy Pass or all other digital signals
    • Low glare…making it easy for the eyes while driving
    • Comes with a 7-year warranty

UV CARE — More than just a heat protection…UV Care protect you from UV400 for 100%!
Premium ceramic tinting film, protecting you from UV400 and Blue Light.

Hi-Kool UV Care ceramic film is the greatest innovation of window tinting films, with “Super Clear Plus Technology” that combine multiple kinds of tinting films, with no adhesive layer, making it fits the name of the technology…clear!

Hi-Kool UV Care features

  • Protect you from UV400, cause of skin cancer and wrinkles, for 100%
  • Protect you from Blue Light, which could cause eye problems, for up to 98%…the highest at the moment!
  • Will not disrupt GPS, Easy Pass or all other digital signals
  • High heat protection with low glare
  • Clear tone, will not fade
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty

Super Hi-Kool Beyond Ceramic — Automobile tinting film that protects you from Infrared light for up to 99%

Made with the newest technology from the USA that combine nano ceramic particles with anti-UV and anti-Infrared particles, all mixed into the tinting film. The Beyond Ceramic film will not only last and last, but it also protect you from heat as well.

Residential Series — Heat reflection films for building!
Hi-Kool Residential Series film was made in the USA, with shading coefficient at the lowest point at 0.24. It also has the same great quality as the Hi-Kool automotive tinting films.

Hi-Kool Residential Series features

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Heat protection for more than 80%
  • UV protection for over 99%
  • Help cool off the building
  • Reduce energy usage and extend the life of your air conditioner
  • Many hues to choose from
  • 10-year warranty