VT-Cool Film Samples

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VT-Cool – Carbon Black Series
Quality black-toned tinting film, with carbon particles as the main ingredient. This results in solid black film, with low light reflection. With no metal particles, VT-Cool Carbon Black Series films will not interfere with any digital signals.

VT-Cool – One Way Metalized Series (Affordably priced)
This affordable metalized film helps reduce heat and has low light reflection. Suitable for buildings that sit under the sun throughout the day.

VT-Cool – Original Series
Quality tinting film with heat and UV protection. Available in various colors from darkest to lightest.

VT-Cool – Nano Ceramic IR Series
Ceramic film that is infused with Nano particle, making it clear but yet offers great heat reduction, without any metal particles. Also offers low light reflection, clear vision and no digital signal interference.

VT-Cool – Nano Ceramic Technology Series
This is a partial safety tinting film with 2.2 mm thickness. It help reduce heat superbly, even with no metal parts in the film. It has low light reflection which, in return, yields a much better vision. This series has up to 99% UV protection and up to 96% infrared protection. This film won’t interfere with the digital reception. Plus it also offers nice tinting tones that will last for a long time.